Case Study 3 – Pharmaceutical

Our work within the pharmaceutical industry is amongst our proudest. Having worked throughout Europe, in North and South America and in Asia we know a thing or two about delivering really creative solutions to educate and engage this professional audience.

Amazing design and creative engagement that is appropriate to your market is part of our service – beautiful stand build and quality delivered with ideas that are memorable.

  • Your patient feel frozen with pain – we encapsulate items they struggle with in ice
  • Your latest clinical trial data is available – we create a touch screen app that encourages them to email it to themselves.
  • You want to meet your doctors on the stand – perhaps we simply deliver lovely coffee professionally served.
  • A 3D model of the mode of action – how about it as a life size hologram?

These are not just ideas from our creative team, these are real examples of what we deliver for our clients. Obviously we respect our clients restrictions so can’t say more here but drop us a line and we will be pleased to tell you more !

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Dijon DesignsCase Study 3 – Pharmaceutical