Case Study 5 – Fujitsu Innovation Hubs

Every day, we get an enormous amount of satisfaction delivering world class events for some lovely customers – every so often, one job stands out a little more (normally it’s because it is a large, prestigious event, or challenging from a logistics or creative point of view, or the venue is in a corner of the globe not yet conquered).

This series of installations stands out because they are making a real difference.

The Innovation Hubs have been designed to be installed in schools and colleges throughout the country allowing students to access the very latest technology in a creative environment. The classrooms are fully sponsored and designed to challenge the norm and break the mould. They provide creative spaces for students to dream and flourish!

We have loved creating these twelve bright, smart, robust and engaging rooms and working together to inspire the younger generation this year.

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Dijon DesignsCase Study 5 – Fujitsu Innovation Hubs