Case Study 6 – Business in the Community Awards

We love it when a client throws us a curve ball that’s a real challenge! Just some of the things we had to take into account with this fabulous brief….
The client mentioned in passing it was a one-day set-up with the live event the same evening
The largest event of its type held at O2 arena in London was dropped into the conversation
1,800 guests hosted by HRH Prince Charles and our CEO, and it’s all about global issues !
Deliver the message in a drinks reception ahead of the main awards ceremony
Don’t rush the delegates through, but no bottle necks! OK ?
Yes, we get to show off our capabilities to their best… developing the messages, creating the stories, linking the technology, teasing all the senses, managing the logistics of 50 crew for one day, printing the graphics and then helping manage the delegates. We even made it rain indoors and shipped in lettuce from Japan ! We loved every minute of it and like to think the audience (including HRH) did too.

The outcome? A happy client, great PR and an audience that remembered the experience and have come back to talk more.

We have a lovely video to share with you if you want to see the story in full.

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Dijon DesignsCase Study 6 – Business in the Community Awards