BETT-er than ever

by Dijon Designs on February 5, 2015

Supporting one client who wants the best stand at the show is a great Challenge for the Dijon team, but when you have four, and three of them share the same stand space, you really have to be top of your game !

At this years BETT SHOW, the worlds largest education technology event. We managed to create unique designs for each exhibitor that all delivered the clients messages and objectives perfectly while maintaining the practicalities of the stand spaces seamlessly.

From initial creative concepts to delivering networks on these tech hungry stands the Dijon team ensured the client was relaxed and ready to make the most of this great exhibition. We do really live by the motto Nothing is too much trouble !

We took equal pride in creating and delivering these stands and with happy clients all round we feel we delivered – four clients who all feel they had ‘best stand of the show’ !

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Dijon DesignsBETT-er than ever